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7 Days of Saturnalia

2011-12-18 11:31:49 by SaturnaliaMN

Soooo. It was the start of the festivities of Saturnalia yesterday the 17th.
Each day we are going to throw out some new audio goody.
We also have nice madlib contest for free shit. (not literal)

If you want to go to the band page and check it out, there are pictures and info.
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More soon!

7 Days of Saturnalia

Posted the our song Boddicker.
It is a fun one and I hope all enjoy.

We are working on a special cover song and we may just put it on here.

Come harass us on facebook.

Land of Magic and Wonder

Since we were elected onto the best songs of all time we will be putting a few songs up from the album once our facebook likes reach 1,000

If you want to listen before then, you can click this link.

Plugging our Tale of Daedalus Vid too.

Taters Gunna Tate

2011-09-21 12:06:32 by SaturnaliaMN

Looks like someone with high voting power voted us down.
Kinda sad they had to resort to that.

Oh well.
We will just have to keep promoting it.

Here is a list of songs we have recorded:
Tale of Daedalus
Colline Gates (Battle at the Colline Gate)
Pirate Lord (Caesar kidnapped by Cilician pirates)
Boddicker (Robo-cop)
Castor, Meet Pollux (Castor and Pollux, aka Gemini)

For our upcoming album:
Michael Bay's Greatest Hits (Transformers)
Syndicate (Rape of Persephone)
Vapor Phase Epitaxy (Glory within the Illiad [part 1])
On Deadly Ground (Prometheus and Conciousness)
Mega Thunderzord (Affair of Aphrodites and Ares)
The Golden Age (Story of Cronos and his rise and downfall)
Visual Paralysis (Drizzt Do'Urden - Sojourn)
6 Assorted others.

The names may change but the content will not.
So be ready for or 2012 album :D


2011-09-08 20:28:55 by SaturnaliaMN



2011-08-24 21:35:35 by SaturnaliaMN

After posting the Tale of Daedalus song on my old account, I decided it would be better to have the music on this one.

Well, this is going to be the Saturnalia group project. I am going to be putting our song Castlevania on here to see if anyone wants to try and do a flash animation for it. If not, no big deal. It would be pretty neat though.

Check out the facebook.
Listen to Castlevania.

More stuff soon to come!